Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!! 2013 for The Taming of the Ewe!

Hello, Everyone!!

Well, 2012 is quickly winding down, and 2013 is knocking at the door!!  Since my last blog post, we have VERY BUSY at the Ewe, and points beyond!!  We had Santa join us for 1st Friday in December, and we also had classes ongoing, along with holiday shopping.  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday, and have enjoyed the festivities of the holidays.  We wish you all the best in the coming New Year, and 2013 looks to be an excing one at the Ewe!!

SPECIAL CLASS--We would loved to invite you to our first BOOK Signing and SPECIAL CLASS scheduled for January 4th and 5th.  Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, designer and author of "Reflections and Poems", is scheduled for these special events, and we are VERY EXCITED to have her come to Gadsden!!! This special event is open to all, but the class limit is 15, so please sign up for this class soon!! Cost is $50, and this includes the book and the class!! It is a great deal, and a wonderful opportunity. For more details, please call us at 256.546.9090.

BOLO--New calendars are on the way for 2013!! We have some exciting classes planned for 2013, and a few changes to our schedules for 2013.  Please come by, and pick up the new quarterly schedule after Jan. 2!!

NOTICE--We will be closed Jan. 1st for the New Year's holiday, but will reopen on Jan. 2nd.  We look forward to seeing you in the new year, and want to remind you that January is "Knit Something for Yourself" month.  This is a nice way to reward yourself after your hard work on all those lovely, handmade gifts for the holidays.  We have some wonderful wool yarns in for these cold winter days ahead, and plenty of patterns to choose from to make.

Well, wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and see you in 2013!!  I should be back on a regular schedule for the year now, and look forward to seeing you all, and would love to hear from you!!

I remain as always,
Your Roving Yarn Wench
Becky : )

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to You from The Ewe

Hello, Everyone!!

Well, it is Nov. 20, and Thanksgiving is just 2 days away!! For our shoppers, Black Friday is coming in 3 days!!  Remember, comfotable shoes are essential, and please stay safe during the holiday shopping season!!  Each and every one of you are special, and we hope for the best for each of you for the holiday season!!

Tonight is "Knit Night" in Gadsden, from 5p.m. to 8 p.m., and we hope you can take some time to join us before you get caught up in the rush of the Thanksgiving feast preparations.  You can enjoy a nice break with Pat and the other folks tonight at the Ewe.  We will be open our regular hours on Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will be closed all day Thursday, Nov. 22.  We will re-open on Friday, Nov 23, 10 a.m. to    5 p.m.  We look forward to seeing you start your holiday shopping with us!!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving,
I remain your Roving Yarn Wench,

Friday, November 16, 2012

The EWe's Christmas Open House in Gadsden Nove. 17

http://facebook /The-taming-of-the-Ewe.

Hello, Everyone!!

Today, Nov. 16, and Saturday, Nov. 17, is the Christmas Open House for downtown Gadsden, and The Taming of the Ewe Yarn Shop is participating in our first open house in Gadsden.  We want to invite everyone to come visit us, knit or crochet awhile, amd check out our specials, and our decorations.  The holiday season draws near, and we know it is a good time for purchasing yarn to make those lovely winter sweaters, scarves, and hats.  We look forward to seeing all of you during the holidays!!

FYI--The Ewe will be open on the FRIDAY after Thanksgiving, Nov. 23, and we are also open on Nov. 24, during the Alabama vs. Auburn football game.  Nov. 24 is also Small Business Saturday, and it is a great opportunity to not only shop locally, but it shows your support of businesses like The Taming of the Ewe.  We welcome everyone as we start the Christmas season. 

We have received a shipment of new yarn, and we are also continuing classes throughout each week.  Bring a friend, and spend some time with us, and we also want each of you to bring in your friends who would enjoy taking up a new hobby.  This may give you a chance to get something special for your friends, or yourself, and open up new opportunities to promote our love of fiber arts.  This can give a new meaning to "adding fiber to your diet!!"

Well, as your Roving Yarn Wench, I am off again to new adventures with yarn.
Happy knitting and crocheting, and we look forward to seeing you very soon at the Ewe!!

Wishing everyone a great weekend,
Becky : )

Friday, November 02, 2012

November 2 is First Friday at the EWE!!

Hello, Everyone!!

Well, this has been a busy week in so many ways!!  Our thoughts are with all of those whose lives have been touched by Hurricane Sandy, and we hope that there will be lots of progress made toward getting life back to normal as soon as possible!  Please keep the victims, first responders, and everyone involved in your thoughts and prayers.

I am a day ( plus or minus) late wishing everyone a "Happy Halloween!", but hope it was full of fun for everyone, with more treats than tricks!! : )  Now, we are in November, and it looks like a very busy month!!
Nov. 2nd is First Friday in downtown Gadsden, and we will be open until 9 p.m., so please come join us!! 

Also, on Oct. 31, Detta, Lead Yarn Wench at the Taming of the Ewe, was a Lovely Yarn Wench for the day!!  Her parrot, "redheart Wooly" was by her side for the day.  Check out the photos on our Facebook page to check Detta out!! She is looking "smokin' hot!!"

HOT ITEM OF THE WEEK--We are running a "hot" special of the week.  Come by the shop for details, and for the winter months, we will have "hot items of the week" to replace the "cool item of the week."  Temperatures change, and so do our features!! Stay tuned for more updates!

Well, it is late, and we are going to be busy.  We look forward to seeing all of you, and hope that you can come visit for a little while at the Ewe.  We know the holidays are coming, but this is the perfect time to start that "Secret Santa" project, finish any last minute gifts, or pick up a gift or gift certificates!! We are expecting an exciting winter season, and you part of our joy!! 

Have a great day, wonderful weekend, and see you at the EWE!!

I remain as always,
Your Roving Yarn Wench
Becky : )


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EWE News for Oct. 23, 2012

Good afternoon, Everyone!!

Your Roving Yarn Wench is posting a little earlier today, and is back on track with updates.  I have missed being online to update, but we all hit busy spots, and the past three weeks have been VERY BUSY!! So much to tell with so little time to tell it, but now we are back in the "swing of things", and can keep posts current again.  This way you don't have to miss out on any of the latest EWE News.

TUESDAY "SPECIAL EVENT!"--Tonight is usually "Knit Night" at the Taming of the Ewe, but we have change in venue for this evening.  Hicks Shoes on Broad Street in downtown Gadsden is hosting a FASHION SHOW from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m, October 23.  Fashion and Shoes!! That is just the perfect combination of events, don't you know!!  The Taming of the Ewe will be attending the show, and we would love to invite all of you to this special event.  It will be a fun and exciting evening for all.  See you there!!

BOLO--Saturday, October 27, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Taming of the Ewe will be participating in the DGI Halloween events for the fall.  More details will be posted tomorrow, but please feel free Saturday to come out and "Trick or Treat" with us!!  We promise TREATS!!

UPDATE--We will have calendars/class schedules available Oct. 24.  Please come by to pick up a copy if you have not picked one up from us.  These schedules are good until the end of 2012, and list several opportunities to work on some last minute holiday gifts, or settle in for the a fun winter's knit, or crochet!!  We will have the 2013 Class Schedules available in December, and we are looking forward to an even more exciting, and event filled year for 2013!! 

Well, this is a "quickie" update as I have several projects to get back to, but I wanted to wish all of you a lovely day, and hope you have a wonderful evening!

I remain your Roving Yarn Wend,
Becky : )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Busy Sheep at the Ewe!!

Hello, Everyone!!

Sorry I have been away from the Blog, but these are busy autumn days at the Ewe!!  We have picked up quite a few new knitters and crocheters, and have several classes that have been well attended.  We have also seen quite a few of our familiar friends who come by to share time and see what's new at the Ewe.  We hope to see you soon, and I will try to take a moment more often to let you know what's going on, and how much we enjoy seeing our friends!!

UPDATE--"Socktober" has gotten off on the right foot, or left, depending on which sock you are working on right now!!  Our sock classes on Saturday are in full swing, and we hope everyone is having a great time with this project.  We are also on our second "Building Block" for that course, and this class has been well received.  If you didn't get to start with "Building Blocks", we will have a new session starting in January.  So, stay tuned for more details.

CALENDARS--For those of you who like the "hard copy" calendar, we have a class schedule available at the Ewe.  This calenar lists majority of the classes, and runs through December 2012.  The NEW quarterly calendar will be available in December for January-March 2013.  We have some exciting things for the rest of the year, and even more for next year!!  Come see us, and pick up your copy today!!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--"comin' Up Flowers!"  This item is really "Smokin' Hot!!"  This yarn is one of the most creative and fun yarns we have in the shop.  Every scarf or mobius turns into a beautiful bouquet of flowers that you can give someone, or make for yourself.  The flowers come in a variety of colors, from Wildflowers to Asters.  These "bouquets" are available for $14.95, and require no planting, watering, or weeding!!  They can make excellent Christmas gifts, or any a gift "just because."  You will fall in love with these flowers, and want more!! Come in and check them out today!!  A photo will be posted here and on Facebook soon of this product, and you will see why it is the "Cool Item of the Week!"

Well, I have a lot more to catch you up on, but I need to get my flock moving to accomplish the rest of today's business!  Take care, and be good to yourselves!!  Keep on knittin' and crochetin'!! 

I remain as always,
Your Roving Yarn Wench,
Becky : )

Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in Action at The Ewe!

Hello, Everyone!!

Your "Roving Reporter" has returned from her travels, and has missed you all!!  My vacation was great, and I was able to use the time finishing several projects that had been patiently awaiting my return to finish them projects.  Of course, I started three more upon completion, but I find this is what we all do!! ; )

UPDATE--The "Building Blocks" and Sweater classes have been very successful!! We are glad to see all of the the folks that have turned out for these classes, and hope you all will come in to start "Socktober" with us.  Now is the time to start working on those socks for the chilly days ahead.
Also, check us out on Facebook!!

"Knit & Perk"--No, this is not an error--it is to announce the MONDAY KNIT NIGHT in Jacksonville at JAVA JOLT!!  This is just a fun night for knitting and crocheting, and of course, COFFEE!  Also decaf coffee, or tea.  For those folks who live in Calhoun County and miss us on the Square, we can visit and catch up at Java Jolt.  We will be doing this every Monday night, from 5 p.m to 8 p.m., and hope you will join us!!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--We are pleased to announce the arrival of a really cool yarn called "COming Up Flowers."  This is a fabulous yarn that can be knitted on a size 11 Hiya Hiya needle, or a 13 if you like.  The flowers literally "pop up" as you knit the piece.  We have 3 lovely "bunches" in at this time, and it just makes a beautiful piece.  The yarn retails for $14.95, and is so well worth it!!  Stop in the Ewe this week, and try out our sample knit.  Bonus tip:   these "flowers" are POLLEN FREE!! : )
**ATTENTION--This is also this week's  "Lunch & Learn" project for Thursday, Sept. 27.  Y'all come!!

Well, this is a short update after a long absence, but thereseveral things to tell you over the next few days.  September is quickly coming to an end, and we look forward to seeing you all more often as you work on your winter projects.  We will have more news and updates over the coming weeks, and look forward to see you soon!  Hav a great day, and beautiful evening.

I remain, as always,
Your Roving Reporter,
Becky : )

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ewe News and Updates

Hi, Everyone!!

Welcome to Tuesday morning!! There are several things to tell you about that are happening and new at the Ewe!!  September is flying by, and we know fall means getting into those new knitting and crocheting projects that you will want to give as gifts to others, and of course new and fun things you can use yourself!!

UPDATE--Monday nights are going to be "Java Jolt" knit nights in Jacksonville!!  I willl be updating you with times, or you can always call us at (256) 546-9090, for times.  This may be a perfect fit for those who are closer to Jacksonville, or you would like a little different venue for knit night.  We look forward to seeing you there!!

SWEATER WEATHER--The September Sweater class is off and running!! We are excited to tell you that we will be opening another sectionf of this class for Tuesdays.  I will have times for this later today, so stay tuned!!

BUILDING BLOCKS IS BUILDING UP--The two classes for the "Building Blocks" is also doing very well!! We have had wonderful responses to our first block class, and we are looking forward to the next one!  We hope everyone is enjoying the classes, and we look forward to more great classes with you all, and tell your friends, too!!

"TWO THUMBS UP"==Pat and Detta are receiving great kudos among those who are taking the classes with them!!  These two lovely ladies of the Ewe are working hard at making your experiences rewarding and fulfilling when you come to the Ewe.  Just wanted to take a minute to say "GREAT JOB!!" If you are taking classes with them, they love teaching, and we hope you will want to share the good times with your friends who would love to learn a new needle skill, or work on a knitting or crocheting project that they have wanted to do.

REMINDER--Tuesday is KNIT NIGHT at the Ewe!! We look forward to seeing you there tonight!!

Well, I am off and running. Many things to do and see, but most of all, looking forward to seeing all of you at the EWE! 
Have a great day!!

Your Roving Yarn Wench.
Becky : )

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Thursday Daylight Update!

Hello, Everyone!!

I guess that "hello" is my daytime greeting. : )   Now that is after 12:00 p.m., and I have had plenty of coffee, I can provide you with more deatils about today and tomorrow's events!

UPDATE--SUSAN HOPE!! Susan is the lovely yarn rep that will be visiting with us at The Taming of the Ewe on FRIDAY, SEPT. 7th, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.  She is the representative for Aurora and Shaeffer yarns, and this is a Cash & Carry event!! Please come by and meet Susan, add to your yarn stash, and have a great time with us!!

BOLO--Today marks the first day of the new Building Blocks class.  It starts at 1:00 p.m. today, and we are looking forward to hearing some wonderful reports about this class.  We will "repeat" the class on Saturday, so if you work during the week, come join us on Saturday.  Same great class, different day!! We will keep you posted on the progress of this project.

REMINDER--This Saturday also marks the FIRST day of our FALL SWEATER CLASSEsS!!  This should prove to be a lot of fun, and quite handy for those cooler days of fall that we know are coming soon!  The classes are spread out over the next three (3) Saturdays in September, so be sure to join us!! We look forward to seeing you there!!

Well, your roving yarn wench must start roving again (not that I ever stop!)   : )
Wishing you all a wonderful afternoon, and a beautiful evening,
I remain,
Your Roving Yarn Wench : )

Thursday Thoughts and 1st Friday is on its way!

Hi, Everyone!!

It is early Thursday (very early!), and we are looking forward to today's "Lunch and Learn" class, and (drum roll, please!), the new Building Blocks Class!! This is the first of a 12 part class that will prove to be a fun and innovative project for anyone interested in expanding their new knitting skills.  If you can't make the Thursday 1:00 p.m. class, that's cool...we have another session of the same class schedule for Saturday.  If you have any questions, please call the Ewe at (256) 546-9090, or email us at   We look forward to seeing you.

A BIG THANKYOU!!--I would like to say "thank you" to all of you who are starting to follow the blog from the Ewe.  We appreciate the interest in what's new with the Ewe, and we are working hard to let you all know of upcoming classes, events, sales, and more!!  Again, thank you!! : )

1st FRIDAY ALERT!!--Sept. 7th marks First Friday, and we are looking forward to seeing you!  We are open EXTENDED HOURS, and we welcome you to come by and spend some time with us at the Ewe!  1st Fridays are always exciting, and offer a bit of fun for everyone. So, make sure you come by and join in the fun!!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--We have a lovely yarn rep coming to the Ewe also on this Friday.  She will be on hand with a "Cash & Carry", which is always a great opportunity to see what's new and what's on special!!  Make sure to join us, and I will have the time posted later today.

Wishing everyone a great day!!
I remain,
Your Roving Yarn Wench

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall is Coming Soon--Get Ready with the Ewe

Hi, Everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing well, and we are keeping athe folks on the Gulf Coast in our thoughts because of Hurricane Isaac.  If any of you have family or friends there, please let them know we are concerned for their well-being, and hoping for the best.

Well, we have reached the last day of August, and the summer at the Ewe has been a HOT one!! Thanks to all of you for coming in to visit us in our new location, and we LOVE seeing all of you!! Saturday kicks off the beginning of our third month in Gadsden!!  It also marks the start of a new month, and we have several upcoming classes that are perfect for fall and winter!!

BOLO--We will have a yarn representative coming soon for a CASH & CARRY sale.  These are always great fun, and you often can find a fabulous new yarn that you need in your stash.  You can, also, find some great deals that can make your day, or weekend!!  Call The Taming of the Ewe for more details about the sales rep's arrival.

UPDATE--The Cobblerfest was a great success.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the event, and that the proceeds to the Wounded Warriors Project helps our nation's veterans.  Labor Day is Monday, September 3rd, and our veterans are an important part of our labor force in this country.  We salute all workers this Labor Day, and hope for the improvement of the job opportunities for everyone in our country.

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--Uptown Yarn!! This is a fabulous yarn, and we have just received a new shipment!! There are several bold colors, and we have a variety in worsted and other weights.  This acrylic yarn is one of the finest you can use for everyday wear, and we have some perfect colors for making scarves, lap blankets, etc., for those chilly nights (or days) at your team's football games!! Come in, and check out the Uptown Yarn collection.  You will be so glad you did!!

Well, this reporter can tell by her "Mickey Mouse" watch that it is growing late into the evening, and tomorrow is another day!  Until then, have a great night, a better tomorrow, and happy stitches to all, and to all a good night!

As always, I remain
Your Roving Yarn Wench

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ewe News for Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012

Hi, Everyone!!

Buzzzzz....that "buzzing" sound is coming from The Taming of the Ewe!! We have been busy as bees in our new location, and we love having so many wonderful folks coming in to see us!  And, yes, the buzzing is in part due to our latest addition in stock--FRESH HONEY!!  This is locally grown honey, from the area around Piedmont, Alabama.  It has a beautiful color, and tastes wonderful.  It is $8.00  a jar, and would make a nice treat in hot tea for those upcoming chilly fall mornings.  Come in and check it out today!!

UPDATE--The store calendars with the class listings and some brief descriptions are NOW AVAILABLE!!  There are some really great classes lined up for the fall, and our sweater classes start next month, in September.  This will be 3 seperate Saturday classes, so please sign up soon!!  Stop by soon, and pick up a copy of the calendar to take home with you.  We have our store hours, location, email, and phone numbers listed on the front.  So, feel free to contact us at any time!!

BOLO--We have lots of new yarn in the store!!  We have socked up for our "Building Blocks" class, a New Mothers' class, and "Socktober!"  We have plenty of pattern books and magazines for picking patterns that will make delightful projects for those special ones in your life, or for yourself!!  We have more Blue Heron, Sari Silk, and Uptown yarns in.  We also have new needles arriving almost daily.  So, come in, pick out some new yarn and needles, and join us at the Ewe for "feeling great" therapy!!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK!!--We are excited about the new class being offered, and it is "Building Blocks."  This is a 12 item project that can be either 12 different pillows, or you can join the 12 squares together to make a lovely afghan.  The project requires 12 skeins of yarn, and it is best to purchase all twelve at one time.  This way you know exactly what you have and will need to work with for this project.  It promises to be a lot of fun and a beautiful piece of needlework that each square produces.  Sign up today!!

Well, I hear some knitting calling my name, so I will answer the call.
Have a great evening, and hope to see you soon at the Ewe!! 
P.S. Remember--Labor Day is Sept. 4.  Be safe & enjoy the holiday weekend!!

I remain as always,
Becky K, Roving Yarn Wench

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's New Today At the Ewe!

Hi, Everyone!!

Well, it is late Wednesday night, and I am reflecting on what a lovely Wednesday it was today!! We had several new faces today, and we have new friends to welcome to our group!!  I could say we are happily expanding a well-knit group, but I will resist the urge to pun... haha.  Did I mention it is late at night? : )

UPDATE--We should have a schedule of classes available by this weekend, August. 24/25!!  This is TENTATIVE, but we hope you will be as excited to see it as we are!! This means NEW and EXCITING opportunities for everyone, and sign-up sheets will be available. 

REMINDER--The Cobblerfest is THIS WEEKEND!! It will be held August 24th and 25th!! PLEASE come see us at our booth, and participate in the other activites as well!! It was a great event last year, and looks to be even BETTER this year!! I smell  COBBLER......YUMMY!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--The "cool item" of the week is a mystery item.  It is yarn related, it will BULK up your fiber, and it is a "sheep of a differnt color."  Any guesses?  There are a few clues in this, but we would love to see you come in, and check it out!!

BONUS COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--We are also stocking larger sizes of Hiya Hiya needles!! We now have size 15, 17, and 19 in stock.  This is perfect for some of the latest projects that call for larger sizes of circular needles.  We also have a good stock of smaller sizes, which is great for making those lovely winter socks.  New needles are always great to have on hand, and will come in handy for those new classes we will be having soon!!

Well, I can see by the clock on the wall (well, actually it is in the corner of the computer screen!), that it is getting late, and tomorrow is another day (thank you, Miss Scarlett!).  Wishing everyone a great night, and even better tomorrow,
I remain,
Your Roving Yarn Wench

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ewe News for August 20, 2012

Hi, Everyone!!

Hope your week is off to a GREAT start!! Tuesday kicks off our new work week, and that means KNIT NIGHT!! Bring your yarn, yarns, tall tales, and needles, and let's have some FUN!! I know this week marks "back to school" for many of us, and we understand how hectic this time of year is for most folks.   However, be good to yourselves, and make a little time in your day for that special project of knitting or crocheting that gives you joy!  It is so worth the time!!

UPDATE--We had a very nice response to our "Lunch and Learn" that featured a shawl made with a new yarn called "Oriental."  It is a fabulous yarn, and amkes a beautiful piece.  We only have a few remaining, and we would love to see you come to the shop and CHECK THIS OUT for yourself!

BOLO--The Cobblerfest is THIS WEEKEND!! It is August 24 and 25 at the Gadsden Convention Center.  Please come and take part in in this very worthy event.  Again, the proceeds from the Fest go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  And, who can resist a great cobbler??

INPUT, PLEASE!! If any of you are reading these, and have questions, comments, concerns, etc., PLEASE feel free to respond to our blog posts.  If we have information, or you just want to say "Hi!", then please contact me, Pat, or Detta.  If you send it to me (Becky), if I can't answer your inquiry, I will be happy to find an answer for you.  I also have a couple of new ideas that I am working on, so keep an eye out for new "features" in this blog!!

Wishing everyone a great night, and better tomorrow,
I remain,
Roving Yarn Wench Reporter : )

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mid-August News from the Ewe

Hello, Everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing well this summer.  We are "hot" at The Taming of the Ewe, but in a VERY GOOD way!  We are excited to see our knitters and crocheters, both new and experienced, coming in to our shop this summer.  We love seeing all of you, and we do have some GREAT classes planned, and the fall/winter class schedule is now laid out, and will be available in the next two to three days, both online and hard copies!!  We have sweater classes planned for September, and "Socktober" should be fun!!  More info in just a few days!!

UPDATE--We are a week away from the 2nd Annual Cobblerfest in Gadsden.  It will be the weekend of the 24th and 25th, at the Gadsden Convention Center, and The Taming of the Ewe is sponsoring a booth there, and we are also one of the vendors with a basket in for auction!! Please come, and support the Cobblerfest.  Proceeds from the festival are going to the Wounded Warrior project.  It was great last year, and should be even better this year!! See you there!!

COOL ITEMS OF THE WEEK--We still have some Blue Heron in stock.  Yummy yarn that makes beautiful projects come true.
Also, we have received new shipments of new yarns and needles, along with a wonderful shawl project that would make the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, or even yourself.  Fall and winter months are approaching, and now is the time to think about those projects that will make someone happy!!

BOLO--We hope to have a link to our blog available in the future on Facebook.  Keep your eyes open for this, and please feel free to respond to our blogs with comments, questions, or concerns.  I will be happy to answer any questions, as will Pat or Detta. 

From all the fine folks at the Ewe, have a great night/day, and even better tomorrow!!
Catch you all later! : )

Thursday, August 09, 2012

WOW! Busy Times at the EWE!!

Hi, Everyone!!

WOW!!! We are so VERY EXCITED!! Our GRAND OPENING WEEK was so much FUN!!!
We had a great turn out for the party on Sunday, July 29th, and our grand opening day of July 31st was wonderful, too!! We have been busy with our good friends joining us for Knit Night, and then again on First Friday, Aug. 3rd.  We have been in Gadsden officially a month now, and we are so happy!  We are moving forward to new and exciting things at our new location, and we love all of our friends who have followed us, and we love our new friends for finding us!! Please continue to join us, and enjoy visiting the Ewe!

UPDATE--We are growing in numbers of new knitters and crocheters, and are enjoying the folks who come in for lessons on things that may be new techniques for them.  We are working on a schedule/calendar that we hope will provide all of you with opportunities to attend classes that we hope you find interesting and informative.  Stay tuned for more updates!

COOL ITEMS OF THE WEEK--We had a visit from Charlene Brown this week, one of our yarn reps, and she is coming back on FRIDAY, AUGUST 10th!! We are featuring this item as the "Cool Item of the Week" because she is coming around 11:30 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m.   She will be doing an event sale of
CASH & CARRY.  If you have never been to one of these sales, it is a great opportunity to find that something special that every yarn lover needs to have in her or his stash.

Our 2nd "COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK" is the SIDEWALK SALE!!! Downtown Gadsden Inc. merchants are having a Sidewalk Sale this FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, and SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 !!
Come in and check out some new items we have received, and we are also working on some newly knitted products for sale.  So, come spend some time at the Ewe during these special weekend events!

BOLO--We will have a booth at the Cobbler Festival in August at the Gadsden Convention Center.  All the proceeds raised will go to the "Wounded Warrior" Foundation.  I will provide you with all the details tomorrow, and reminders of what a great event this is going to BE!!  We will also have a basket for auction at the event, so please keep an out for the details!!

WHEW!! I think I have had a great time at the EWE, and hope you are doing so, too!  Join us at the Ewe because ALL OF YOU are what makes it great!!
Wishing you all a good night, and happy knitting/crocheting!!

Becky : )

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday, July 25!

Hi, Everyone!!

We had a great time at Knit Night last night, with an assortment of new and familiar faces at the shop.  Please feel free to join us on every Tuesday Knit Night from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  We look forward to seeing you.

FANFARE, PLEASE!!--The Taming of the Ewe's GRAND OPENING is scheduled for JULY 31st!!  This is an exciting day for the shop, and we invite all of you to join us as we officially open our new location in Historic Downtown Gadsden.  It will be great to see our friends come and join us as we celebrate a new beginning for the shop.  We will be open our usual Tuesday hours, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and we will have Knit Night as well.  So come join in for the BIG day on Tuesday!!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--We have a new HiyaHiya needle set that is a must have for projects that require interchangeable needle tips. These are great for many types of projects that are larger, or more intricate.  Stop int today for a look at these great needles!!

LUNCH AND LEARN--Come join us for our Thursday "Lunch & Learn!"  This is a regular Thursday class from 12:00 to 12:45 p.m., and Pat and Detta have really helpful lessons for knitters and crocheters.  This week, July 26 class will be on the "I cord."  Please come join us for a real "high fiber" lunch!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday, and see you seeon at the Ewe!!
Becky : )

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Fun Day at The Ewe

Hi, Everyone!!

We had a lovely Tuesday at the Taming of the Ewe, followed by a wonderful Tuesday Knit Night (of Crochet Night)!!  We had several new folks join us, and we look forward to seeing you and others updoming events.

UPDATE--We are lining up some exciting things for the rest of the summer and fall.  We will start prparing calendar dates and times for upcoming classes.  July is at midpoint, and we are still getting settled into our new Gadsden home.  We are VERY happy in our new location, and look forward to great things happening at the "Ewe."

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--We have in a new and lovely shipment of BLUE HERON!!!  This is a fabulous yarn, and once you try it, you will be back for more.  The Blue Heron yarns come in very generous hanks, approximately 8 ounces, and about 1200 yards.  Please come by, feel of  the yarn, and you will see why it is so very special!!

BOLO--July 29th is a day to mark on your calendars, and also July 31st.  More information to follow, and we know you are going to want to be here!!

Well, everyone, tomorrow is Wonderful Wednesday.  If you have time, come see us, pick up some new needles or notions, and chat with us.  We look forward to seeing you!

Have a good night, and even better tomorrow!!
Becky : )

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hi! Welcome to Monday!!

HI, Everyone!!

Well, it is Monday, start of a new week, and excitement awaits us!!

Okay, so that may be a bit too "chipper" for a Monday blog opening, but it beats Monday "blahs."  
It is coming a thunderstorm here, so this is going to be a quick, "lightening-fast" posting.

UPDATE--Thursday is the first "Lunch and Learn" lesson.  Come join us at 12:15 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. for a "high fiber lunch" that will be fun and fulfilling.  It will be on the Spectra and Marina yarns.  Please join us!!

Also, Detta will be teaching beginning knitting and crochet on WEDNESDAYS.  These classes are scheduled as follows:
11 a.m. to 12 p.m--Beginning Crochet
12 p.m. to 1 p.m--Beginning Knitting

REMINDER--KNIT NIGHT!! As usual, we will have knite on Tuesday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m  Please come join us for an evening of knitting and fun.

More blogging tomorrow!!
Have a great night, hope you are getting rain to cool off, and have beautiful day tomorrow!!
Becky : )

Friday, July 13, 2012

Terrific Tuesday at The Ewe!

Hi, everyone!!

Welcome to the blog on Tuerrific Tuesdays at The Taming of the Ewe! 

UPDATE--This kicks off our second week in Gadsden, and it is GREAT!!  We are setting up classes, and will have some lovely new yarns for you to come in and touch, along with some new classes for beginners as well as some exciting things for the more experienced knitters/crocheters.  We have new materials and notions arriving everyday, and we look forward to seeing you soon!!

KNIT NIGHT--Just a reminder to everyone that we are still having Knit Night on Tuesdays, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  We had several folks join us last Tuesday, and several more this week.  We  are excited that several new patrons have come in to join our group.  It is alwasy a great atmosphere, with good conversation, happy faces, and the good feeling of being with good friends.  We look forward to seeing more of you next week!!

COOL ITEM OF THE DAY--If you haven't seen the Sari Silk yarn, you need to come in and check this out!  The silk has a wonderful texture, and reminds one of just how pleasurable the feel of silk is to the touch.  There's more to the story of Sari silk, so please come in, give it a squeeze, and we will be glad to tell you the story of how it is made.  You will love it even more!

BOLO--We will be posting sign up sheets at the shop for different classes.  We will be posting the calendar this weekend, and it will run until GRAND OPENING, JULY 31st!!  Stay tuned for more details!

I was a little late getting this out (it is now FRIDAY!  Where did the days go?) Sorry to be late, but we will get back on track today!!
We look forward to seeing you soon at The Ewe!!

Have a great day!
Becky : )

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Ewe's 1st Friday in Downtown Gadsden

Good evening to all.

The Taming of the Ewe participated in our first 1st Friday in Downtown Gadsden.
We saw several familiar faces, along with several new ones.  Broad Street was buzzing with people, entertainment, and a collection of vintage cars.  The weather was beautiful, but our typical Southern late afternoon/early evening humidity was prevalent, so air conditioning was the word of the day!
This was the first of many 1st Fridays for us, and we want to welcome all of you to the new store to share in the fun and friendship. 

UPDATE--We have some items available  at clearance prices.  These yarns may be just what you are looking for as a possible project you have wanted to do.  Please check it, and remember--touching the yarn is always encouraged!

NEW ARRIVALS--We have just received a shipment from Hiya Hiya, and we are restocked our notions area.  This is featured on the left wall as you enter the store.  We also have a very good selection of chochet hooks as well!! So, come  in, check it out, and "test drive" your new materials  with us!!

"COOL ITEM" DEPARTMNET--Pat and Jerry  returned from T.N.N.A. with a couple of fantastic looking yarn bowls. These bowls are hand thrown, come in a variety of beautiful colors and styles.  We still have bowls from our former Jacksonville store, too, that can make any knitter or crocheter happy as well.  These yarn bowls are not only functional, they are an artistic addition to any home. Check it out!!!!

BOLO--Be on the look out for CLASS SCHEDULES coming soon!! If you have a friend who doesn't knit or crochet, invite them to come with you.  We are happy to work with new knitters and crocheters.  You and your friend can purchase your yarn and needles/hooks from us, and receive a FREE lesson.  It is a great friendship builder to have some one learn and enjoy a craft that can last a lifetime.

Well, just a few thoughts there before I close out for the night.  Please feel free to respond with questions, comments, or suggestions. I hope you enjoy our new blog posts, and I will try to keep you updated regularly on what's new at "The Ewe."

Good night, and have pleasant weekend!!
Justkeep knitting, just keep knitting....
Becky : )

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Taming of the Ewe July 2012

Hi, Everyone!!
My name is Becky Kunkel, and I will be your n "New Ewe Blog Hostess!"

We have some exciting news for all of you.

EXCITING NEWS!--First of all, you may notice that we have MOVED!! We are no longer in the Jacksonville Square location.  We are now located at the following:

The Taming of the Ewe
106 South 6th Street
Gadsden, AL
1/2 block off of Broad Street in Downtown Gadsden.
Phone numbers are as follows:
(256) 727-7081     OR  (256)  546-9090

You can still find us on our Facebook address, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you!! 
If you are new to "The Ewe", we are excited to have you with us.  If you are already on board, we look forward to seeing you at the new shop.  The smiling, happy faces await your arrival!

UPDATE--We are not only in a new location, but we have some very exciting things taking place at the Ewe.  We are still having "Knit Night" on Tuesdays, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. We held our first Knit Night on July 3rd, and it was a delightful evening. This is the first of many, and we welcome friends to continue joining us, and there's always room for more!!

 We are also participating in the       1st Friday in Downtown Gadsden.  1st Friday starts at 5 p.m., and usually goes on up to 9 p.m., and we would like to invite all of you to come visit, and enjoy the festive atmosphere. 

NEW ON THE YARN FRONT--We have some new and exciting products in, to include new YARN!! We will be happy to have you come in, look around, and take home some of your favorites, both old and new.  New shipments are arriving, and there are more items on the way!!  We have NEW YARNS in ,   So, please come to see the NEW "EWE"!

BOLO (Be On the Look Out)--We are scheduling new classes soon, and we will have blog updates, and we will also have calendars of events available at the shop.  One of the new classes is our "High Fiber Lunch."  This class will be available soon on Thursdays from about noon to 12:45 p.m.  We will also have a monthly Knit Night that will be held  on the 2nd Tuesday night of the month.  Knit Night  in Jacksonville will be held  at Java Jolt on the Square.  I will provide you with more BOLOs as they occur.

Have a great night, everyone, and even better tomorrow!!
Becky ; )