Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in Action at The Ewe!

Hello, Everyone!!

Your "Roving Reporter" has returned from her travels, and has missed you all!!  My vacation was great, and I was able to use the time finishing several projects that had been patiently awaiting my return to finish them projects.  Of course, I started three more upon completion, but I find this is what we all do!! ; )

UPDATE--The "Building Blocks" and Sweater classes have been very successful!! We are glad to see all of the the folks that have turned out for these classes, and hope you all will come in to start "Socktober" with us.  Now is the time to start working on those socks for the chilly days ahead.
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"Knit & Perk"--No, this is not an error--it is to announce the MONDAY KNIT NIGHT in Jacksonville at JAVA JOLT!!  This is just a fun night for knitting and crocheting, and of course, COFFEE!  Also decaf coffee, or tea.  For those folks who live in Calhoun County and miss us on the Square, we can visit and catch up at Java Jolt.  We will be doing this every Monday night, from 5 p.m to 8 p.m., and hope you will join us!!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--We are pleased to announce the arrival of a really cool yarn called "COming Up Flowers."  This is a fabulous yarn that can be knitted on a size 11 Hiya Hiya needle, or a 13 if you like.  The flowers literally "pop up" as you knit the piece.  We have 3 lovely "bunches" in at this time, and it just makes a beautiful piece.  The yarn retails for $14.95, and is so well worth it!!  Stop in the Ewe this week, and try out our sample knit.  Bonus tip:   these "flowers" are POLLEN FREE!! : )
**ATTENTION--This is also this week's  "Lunch & Learn" project for Thursday, Sept. 27.  Y'all come!!

Well, this is a short update after a long absence, but thereseveral things to tell you over the next few days.  September is quickly coming to an end, and we look forward to seeing you all more often as you work on your winter projects.  We will have more news and updates over the coming weeks, and look forward to see you soon!  Hav a great day, and beautiful evening.

I remain, as always,
Your Roving Reporter,
Becky : )

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