Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Ewe's 1st Friday in Downtown Gadsden

Good evening to all.

The Taming of the Ewe participated in our first 1st Friday in Downtown Gadsden.
We saw several familiar faces, along with several new ones.  Broad Street was buzzing with people, entertainment, and a collection of vintage cars.  The weather was beautiful, but our typical Southern late afternoon/early evening humidity was prevalent, so air conditioning was the word of the day!
This was the first of many 1st Fridays for us, and we want to welcome all of you to the new store to share in the fun and friendship. 

UPDATE--We have some items available  at clearance prices.  These yarns may be just what you are looking for as a possible project you have wanted to do.  Please check it, and remember--touching the yarn is always encouraged!

NEW ARRIVALS--We have just received a shipment from Hiya Hiya, and we are restocked our notions area.  This is featured on the left wall as you enter the store.  We also have a very good selection of chochet hooks as well!! So, come  in, check it out, and "test drive" your new materials  with us!!

"COOL ITEM" DEPARTMNET--Pat and Jerry  returned from T.N.N.A. with a couple of fantastic looking yarn bowls. These bowls are hand thrown, come in a variety of beautiful colors and styles.  We still have bowls from our former Jacksonville store, too, that can make any knitter or crocheter happy as well.  These yarn bowls are not only functional, they are an artistic addition to any home. Check it out!!!!

BOLO--Be on the look out for CLASS SCHEDULES coming soon!! If you have a friend who doesn't knit or crochet, invite them to come with you.  We are happy to work with new knitters and crocheters.  You and your friend can purchase your yarn and needles/hooks from us, and receive a FREE lesson.  It is a great friendship builder to have some one learn and enjoy a craft that can last a lifetime.

Well, just a few thoughts there before I close out for the night.  Please feel free to respond with questions, comments, or suggestions. I hope you enjoy our new blog posts, and I will try to keep you updated regularly on what's new at "The Ewe."

Good night, and have pleasant weekend!!
Justkeep knitting, just keep knitting....
Becky : )

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