Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall is Coming Soon--Get Ready with the Ewe

Hi, Everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing well, and we are keeping athe folks on the Gulf Coast in our thoughts because of Hurricane Isaac.  If any of you have family or friends there, please let them know we are concerned for their well-being, and hoping for the best.

Well, we have reached the last day of August, and the summer at the Ewe has been a HOT one!! Thanks to all of you for coming in to visit us in our new location, and we LOVE seeing all of you!! Saturday kicks off the beginning of our third month in Gadsden!!  It also marks the start of a new month, and we have several upcoming classes that are perfect for fall and winter!!

BOLO--We will have a yarn representative coming soon for a CASH & CARRY sale.  These are always great fun, and you often can find a fabulous new yarn that you need in your stash.  You can, also, find some great deals that can make your day, or weekend!!  Call The Taming of the Ewe for more details about the sales rep's arrival.

UPDATE--The Cobblerfest was a great success.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the event, and that the proceeds to the Wounded Warriors Project helps our nation's veterans.  Labor Day is Monday, September 3rd, and our veterans are an important part of our labor force in this country.  We salute all workers this Labor Day, and hope for the improvement of the job opportunities for everyone in our country.

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--Uptown Yarn!! This is a fabulous yarn, and we have just received a new shipment!! There are several bold colors, and we have a variety in worsted and other weights.  This acrylic yarn is one of the finest you can use for everyday wear, and we have some perfect colors for making scarves, lap blankets, etc., for those chilly nights (or days) at your team's football games!! Come in, and check out the Uptown Yarn collection.  You will be so glad you did!!

Well, this reporter can tell by her "Mickey Mouse" watch that it is growing late into the evening, and tomorrow is another day!  Until then, have a great night, a better tomorrow, and happy stitches to all, and to all a good night!

As always, I remain
Your Roving Yarn Wench

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ewe News for Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012

Hi, Everyone!!

Buzzzzz....that "buzzing" sound is coming from The Taming of the Ewe!! We have been busy as bees in our new location, and we love having so many wonderful folks coming in to see us!  And, yes, the buzzing is in part due to our latest addition in stock--FRESH HONEY!!  This is locally grown honey, from the area around Piedmont, Alabama.  It has a beautiful color, and tastes wonderful.  It is $8.00  a jar, and would make a nice treat in hot tea for those upcoming chilly fall mornings.  Come in and check it out today!!

UPDATE--The store calendars with the class listings and some brief descriptions are NOW AVAILABLE!!  There are some really great classes lined up for the fall, and our sweater classes start next month, in September.  This will be 3 seperate Saturday classes, so please sign up soon!!  Stop by soon, and pick up a copy of the calendar to take home with you.  We have our store hours, location, email, and phone numbers listed on the front.  So, feel free to contact us at any time!!

BOLO--We have lots of new yarn in the store!!  We have socked up for our "Building Blocks" class, a New Mothers' class, and "Socktober!"  We have plenty of pattern books and magazines for picking patterns that will make delightful projects for those special ones in your life, or for yourself!!  We have more Blue Heron, Sari Silk, and Uptown yarns in.  We also have new needles arriving almost daily.  So, come in, pick out some new yarn and needles, and join us at the Ewe for "feeling great" therapy!!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK!!--We are excited about the new class being offered, and it is "Building Blocks."  This is a 12 item project that can be either 12 different pillows, or you can join the 12 squares together to make a lovely afghan.  The project requires 12 skeins of yarn, and it is best to purchase all twelve at one time.  This way you know exactly what you have and will need to work with for this project.  It promises to be a lot of fun and a beautiful piece of needlework that each square produces.  Sign up today!!

Well, I hear some knitting calling my name, so I will answer the call.
Have a great evening, and hope to see you soon at the Ewe!! 
P.S. Remember--Labor Day is Sept. 4.  Be safe & enjoy the holiday weekend!!

I remain as always,
Becky K, Roving Yarn Wench

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's New Today At the Ewe!

Hi, Everyone!!

Well, it is late Wednesday night, and I am reflecting on what a lovely Wednesday it was today!! We had several new faces today, and we have new friends to welcome to our group!!  I could say we are happily expanding a well-knit group, but I will resist the urge to pun... haha.  Did I mention it is late at night? : )

UPDATE--We should have a schedule of classes available by this weekend, August. 24/25!!  This is TENTATIVE, but we hope you will be as excited to see it as we are!! This means NEW and EXCITING opportunities for everyone, and sign-up sheets will be available. 

REMINDER--The Cobblerfest is THIS WEEKEND!! It will be held August 24th and 25th!! PLEASE come see us at our booth, and participate in the other activites as well!! It was a great event last year, and looks to be even BETTER this year!! I smell  COBBLER......YUMMY!

COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--The "cool item" of the week is a mystery item.  It is yarn related, it will BULK up your fiber, and it is a "sheep of a differnt color."  Any guesses?  There are a few clues in this, but we would love to see you come in, and check it out!!

BONUS COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK--We are also stocking larger sizes of Hiya Hiya needles!! We now have size 15, 17, and 19 in stock.  This is perfect for some of the latest projects that call for larger sizes of circular needles.  We also have a good stock of smaller sizes, which is great for making those lovely winter socks.  New needles are always great to have on hand, and will come in handy for those new classes we will be having soon!!

Well, I can see by the clock on the wall (well, actually it is in the corner of the computer screen!), that it is getting late, and tomorrow is another day (thank you, Miss Scarlett!).  Wishing everyone a great night, and even better tomorrow,
I remain,
Your Roving Yarn Wench

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ewe News for August 20, 2012

Hi, Everyone!!

Hope your week is off to a GREAT start!! Tuesday kicks off our new work week, and that means KNIT NIGHT!! Bring your yarn, yarns, tall tales, and needles, and let's have some FUN!! I know this week marks "back to school" for many of us, and we understand how hectic this time of year is for most folks.   However, be good to yourselves, and make a little time in your day for that special project of knitting or crocheting that gives you joy!  It is so worth the time!!

UPDATE--We had a very nice response to our "Lunch and Learn" that featured a shawl made with a new yarn called "Oriental."  It is a fabulous yarn, and amkes a beautiful piece.  We only have a few remaining, and we would love to see you come to the shop and CHECK THIS OUT for yourself!

BOLO--The Cobblerfest is THIS WEEKEND!! It is August 24 and 25 at the Gadsden Convention Center.  Please come and take part in in this very worthy event.  Again, the proceeds from the Fest go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  And, who can resist a great cobbler??

INPUT, PLEASE!! If any of you are reading these, and have questions, comments, concerns, etc., PLEASE feel free to respond to our blog posts.  If we have information, or you just want to say "Hi!", then please contact me, Pat, or Detta.  If you send it to me (Becky), if I can't answer your inquiry, I will be happy to find an answer for you.  I also have a couple of new ideas that I am working on, so keep an eye out for new "features" in this blog!!

Wishing everyone a great night, and better tomorrow,
I remain,
Roving Yarn Wench Reporter : )

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mid-August News from the Ewe

Hello, Everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing well this summer.  We are "hot" at The Taming of the Ewe, but in a VERY GOOD way!  We are excited to see our knitters and crocheters, both new and experienced, coming in to our shop this summer.  We love seeing all of you, and we do have some GREAT classes planned, and the fall/winter class schedule is now laid out, and will be available in the next two to three days, both online and hard copies!!  We have sweater classes planned for September, and "Socktober" should be fun!!  More info in just a few days!!

UPDATE--We are a week away from the 2nd Annual Cobblerfest in Gadsden.  It will be the weekend of the 24th and 25th, at the Gadsden Convention Center, and The Taming of the Ewe is sponsoring a booth there, and we are also one of the vendors with a basket in for auction!! Please come, and support the Cobblerfest.  Proceeds from the festival are going to the Wounded Warrior project.  It was great last year, and should be even better this year!! See you there!!

COOL ITEMS OF THE WEEK--We still have some Blue Heron in stock.  Yummy yarn that makes beautiful projects come true.
Also, we have received new shipments of new yarns and needles, along with a wonderful shawl project that would make the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, or even yourself.  Fall and winter months are approaching, and now is the time to think about those projects that will make someone happy!!

BOLO--We hope to have a link to our blog available in the future on Facebook.  Keep your eyes open for this, and please feel free to respond to our blogs with comments, questions, or concerns.  I will be happy to answer any questions, as will Pat or Detta. 

From all the fine folks at the Ewe, have a great night/day, and even better tomorrow!!
Catch you all later! : )

Thursday, August 09, 2012

WOW! Busy Times at the EWE!!

Hi, Everyone!!

WOW!!! We are so VERY EXCITED!! Our GRAND OPENING WEEK was so much FUN!!!
We had a great turn out for the party on Sunday, July 29th, and our grand opening day of July 31st was wonderful, too!! We have been busy with our good friends joining us for Knit Night, and then again on First Friday, Aug. 3rd.  We have been in Gadsden officially a month now, and we are so happy!  We are moving forward to new and exciting things at our new location, and we love all of our friends who have followed us, and we love our new friends for finding us!! Please continue to join us, and enjoy visiting the Ewe!

UPDATE--We are growing in numbers of new knitters and crocheters, and are enjoying the folks who come in for lessons on things that may be new techniques for them.  We are working on a schedule/calendar that we hope will provide all of you with opportunities to attend classes that we hope you find interesting and informative.  Stay tuned for more updates!

COOL ITEMS OF THE WEEK--We had a visit from Charlene Brown this week, one of our yarn reps, and she is coming back on FRIDAY, AUGUST 10th!! We are featuring this item as the "Cool Item of the Week" because she is coming around 11:30 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m.   She will be doing an event sale of
CASH & CARRY.  If you have never been to one of these sales, it is a great opportunity to find that something special that every yarn lover needs to have in her or his stash.

Our 2nd "COOL ITEM OF THE WEEK" is the SIDEWALK SALE!!! Downtown Gadsden Inc. merchants are having a Sidewalk Sale this FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, and SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 !!
Come in and check out some new items we have received, and we are also working on some newly knitted products for sale.  So, come spend some time at the Ewe during these special weekend events!

BOLO--We will have a booth at the Cobbler Festival in August at the Gadsden Convention Center.  All the proceeds raised will go to the "Wounded Warrior" Foundation.  I will provide you with all the details tomorrow, and reminders of what a great event this is going to BE!!  We will also have a basket for auction at the event, so please keep an out for the details!!

WHEW!! I think I have had a great time at the EWE, and hope you are doing so, too!  Join us at the Ewe because ALL OF YOU are what makes it great!!
Wishing you all a good night, and happy knitting/crocheting!!

Becky : )