Saturday, January 13, 2007

Well I'm up and blogging

I planned to start posting well before this but starting the shop while working full-time at CNN took more time than I thought. My DH did a wonderful job remodeling the shop. It is absolutely beautiful and I feel loved every time I walk through the door.

I already have some of the nicest customers in the world. When I broke my leg in November, two of them stepped right up and took over running the shop until I was on my feet.

I put the wall of wool as the main picture on this blog because I am proud to have one of the largest selections of Cascade 220 in the Southeast. I am hoping within the next year to have all available colors.

While I have been recuperating, I have done a lot of knitting. As usual starting more projects than I have finished but I do have a few.
I finished the Plymouth Shrug using Cascade Lana Grande while I was in the hospital.

Dr. Vandervoort put me in a leg brace when I started walking again. Rather than use the horrible orthopedic stocking I made a pair of knee socks with Cascade Fixation.

This is a reversible cable pattern I made up. I did it in SWTC Phoenix which is 100% soysilk. It drapes beautifully.

Well, I better go get prepared for my intermediate knitting class today.


Unknown said...

WOW - Love that 'Wall of Wool' and your 'orthapedic sock' GREAT STUFF

Pat said...

Thanks Amanda.
I see you are a night owl too.