Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Knit Night was Great

We were 11 last night at Knit Night. Everybody was working on projects and having a great time.
Evelyn is still working on her Mariposa. It's coming along great. Robin has frogged hers because she wants to change the needle size so she worked on her Tofutsie socks. Suzy finished her baby blanket and her seaman scarf earlier in the day (her first two projects) and started a prayer shawl. Debra is still working on her baby blanket. Jamie is crocheting a baby blanket and started on a knitted dishcloth. Vivian started a scarf. Karate Linda is most of the way through her summer shell made from Ty-Dy. Detta is very close to finishing up both of her Wick socks that she is doing two at a time on two circulars. Barbara is still working on her lace inset camisole top. It is going to look great on her when it is done. Annie is working on the sleeves to her white sweater, just a little more and she will have the whole thing done. I finished my Ty-Dy top and modeled it last night. Time to concentrate on a new project. If you didn't make it last night you were missed.

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